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Pat Yourself On the Back

$400 of Etsy sales just got donated to the Chicago Food Depository. They had a matching donor, so the donation got doubled to $800!

This is awesome because so many kids don’t have food when they’re not in school and all my wonderful buyers helped to set that right. So if you got something from my Etsy store in June, you’re awesome and please pat yourself on the back.

Pottery Update

More interested in the pottery side of the equation? There’s something for you too…


It’s an imitation of something I saw on Pinterest: a wheel-thrown donut on top of a wheel-thrown base, with cut-outs and clay added in a few places for extra volume. Having this piece balance properly was tricky and it ended up with front and back sides. I’d like it to be more even so that it could be used as a centerpiece. I should have made the donut fatter too, to have more room for the dirt to go in. Still, not bad for a first try.

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This is a different orchid pot design that turned out unexpectedly well because of how much soda it got. Normally there isn’t quite so much variation in color and I love those blue drips. Because for a more bowed out shape than my past pots this one has a little extra volume.



Shows: 1 in, 1 to go

Having a stocked Etsy shop and a room full of pottery at home, I am trying something new to get my work “out there”: submitting cups to a couple of shows.

Nasty Women

The first show I’m doing is the Nasty Women Art Chicago where one of the nasty woman cups I made last
year was already accepted. This show is exciting for a couple of reasons:

  1. All work in the show is for sale and proceeds will go to Planned Parenthood
  2. It’s in Chicago and I will get a chance to go with a group of friends and support local artists AND PP.


Soda 2

The second show is Soda 2 in Kentucky. I submitted 2 cups, but haven’t heard whether they’re accepted yet. This one is exciting because it’d be my first juried show if I get in, which I think would be an interesting experience.

DSC_0103 DSC_0100

Update: I got into the 2nd show too. Thanks to Claudia McGill for your vote of confidence. ūüôā

New Batch of Pots; Same Causes

Hi all,

I’ve been continuing with the water etching technique, but tried a few pots in regular firing. The regular fired ones are much shinier, smoother, and this set of mugs has a bit more volume (14-16 oz as compared to <10 oz). A couple of things still went through the soda firing just¬†because. Have a look below and if you want one for yourself, they’re all here:¬†Dasha Orlova Ceramics on Etsy

To make this a little more fun, I named the mugs based on their personality. Etsy makes them hard to find with sassy names, but here I do what I want. ūüôā

Oh, also, all the handles are super comfortable.

Glowing Chocolate Mug

The glaze has a kind of warm glow when sunlight hits it that I really enjoy.

The “Opera House” Mug

This thing was put into soda and got blasted. It’s got kind of a luxurious frosted surface.

Leaved of Grass Mug

There’s a spot right below the handle where the glaze polled into a delicate greenish crackle.

Plants & Ladders Mug

The design on this one looks kind of like leaf cells and kind of like a bunch of ladders. The color turned out beyond my expectations: a bottle glass green with red highlights.

Casserole Dish

This is a double-etched design dish. I love how it looks and has some heft, so I expect it’ll do a good job of keeping the food warm. Imagine a homemade mac and cheese in that…


Desert Palms Mug

Last, but not least, this mug was inspired by a painting I saw at the art museum and am keeping it for my work coffee mug. It turned out exactly as I planned (surprisingly).



Candle Light

It took a whole day to photograph all my Etsy pots! I never thought it would end. But toward the end the anxiety of it subsided and I was able to have some fun with lighting using a candle.¬†First I only used it because the bird feeder that I made doubles as a candle holder. But then my orchid pots hadn’t been photographed and I figured, what the hell, let’s try the candles. Maybe I can get some cool shadows.

First Set

This is the bird feeder/candle holder. I used one of my 3 regular lights with an umbrella for the outside lighting. The light was pretty far away from my setup (6ft away maybe), behind me and to the right, so that it balances out the candle light without overwhelming it.

These guys above are my orchid pots. The narrow cut-out flower petals turned out to be great for crisp, pretty shadows. On the brown pot the candle also made a nice glare and brought out the little specks and pattens in the glaze. These guys got the same treatment as the bird feeder – one umbrella in the far right/back and the single candle.

Second Set

Inspired by the success of my pot photos, I borrowed a couple of pieces from Travis, my studio mate (ex-studio mate now, i guess), who made a bunch of candle holders over the summer.

By the time I got to photographing these, my candle must have burned down because you could hardly see it and the first set of photos was unusable. To achieve the drama and sparkle that these pots deserve, I updated my setup with a¬†black poster board (photo below on the left)¬†and a much bigger flame (photo below on the right). The board helped offset the whiteness all around; I don’t know the technical terms/effects here, but it helped. For the larger flame¬†I stuck together 4 birthday candles.

And, Ta-Da! Here are the results:

Thanks to Travis for letting me use his beautiful pots!

Changes Are a-Comin’

Last week I left Creative Claythings, the studio where I’d been teaching for the last year.¬†It was very sad ¬†to say goodbye to all my fab students, finish out my clay, fire the remaining pottery, to clear out my shelf. I met many lovely people there, and loved working on my pottery, teaching, and even the chores.

But all things must come to an end sooner or later. The good thing is that¬†not teaching and not doing all the studio chores will free up a lot of my time. I’m going to be able to get back to yoga, which I miss, and running, and gardening…

The other thing that’s a-comin’ is my Etsy store.

Right before leaving I made snack serving trays that I think will make nice conversation pieces and gifts, so you will see those in there. I also made a few jars, continuing from a series I had done earlier (they deserve their own post; coming soon). I now have a closet full of pottery and am not working in the studio, so finally I will have time to take nice photos of everything and put it up on Etsy.

So you can expect photos of pottery and a post on jars next week, and the Etsy store in the next couple of weeks too.