Etsy Learnings

Last week in class we had an interesting discussion about pricing work and how to set up Etsy. There were a couple of key take-aways that I want to share here.

Cost & Shipping

Until now I offered free shipping. I listed at a slightly higher price point, and ate the shipping cost. The instructor made the point that my “free” shipping was costing me twice – not only was I taking a hit because shoppers may have been getting sticker shock before ever seeing the free shipping, but Etsy was also charging me fees on shipping. Having given that some thought, I switched my whole shop to calculated shipping and lowered some of the prices. Based on the estimates that Etsy gave me, UPS has been ripping me off big time on shipping (e.g. $15 shipping on a mug in an 8x8x8 box vs. $8).

Search, Tags

I also didn’t use very many tags as I didn’t see that they impacted my prominence in the search results. I also posted a batch of things at once. I’d take pictures on the weekend and release a batch of work. Well, apparently that’s the wrong way to do it. You’re supposed to tag the heck out of every post and then post one or two things more frequently because that increases your recency score.

Your thoughts?

If you’ve shopped on my Etsy store before, I would love to know… do you prefer free shipping at higher price or lower price and added shipping cost? When you search on Etsy, do you feel like you can find what you’re looking for pretty easily? What kind of search keywords and filters do you use?

3 thoughts on “Etsy Learnings

  1. Claudia McGill

    I like free shipping but I also understand that the item may cost more because of the free shipping, so I look at the overall cost, in the end. And I find Etsy impossible to use, and only shop there if I have found the person in some other way – say, on a blog! or at an actual show I attended, or that kind of thing.

      1. Claudia McGill

        Yes, and it gets hard to include it in a price for a commodity, somewhat easier for art when the objects are unique, but that free shipping thing sort of jolts people to move toward it no matter what they are giving up. For Amazon, well, I expect it now, for individuals selling, I don’t, they are not large scale and I don’t expect them to subsidize me.

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