Soda Experiment

I just started a new soda class where we’re doing a lot of experimentation with soda slips, textures, and adding sand into clay. Results from the first class experiment are in: I made a few small bottles and did a combination of slips, large sand, and 2 liner glazes to see how the 3 interact.

The tiny vases are available on Etsy, $15 each.

Exhibit 1

I actually have no idea what slip was on this pot and whether it even had sand on it. I left a small drip of glaze on one side and it got hit really hard with soda. I love the striation and shell marks.

Exhibit 2

This one is a new slip called “butter” with large silica sand and a clear liner glaze. The slip came out a very rich and consistent color; makes me want to eat a buttery croissant or a warm pretzel…

Exhibit 3

This one is rutile slip with large silica sand and clear liner glaze. You can see how the slip flashed on one side, but is overall fairly consistent. Somehow the titanium of the slip + sand = black highlights around the grains of sand.

Exhibit 4

This one is also rutile slip but it has a Tom’s purple liner glaze. As you can see, the glaze contributed to some very vibrant flashing. There was another tiny pot with the blue glaze and butter slip, which had almost the same coloration as this one, but I traded it for a cup before I got a chance to take a picture of it.


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