Pat Yourself On the Back

$400 of Etsy sales just got donated to the Chicago Food Depository. They had a matching donor, so the donation got doubled to $800!

This is awesome because so many kids don’t have food when they’re not in school and all my wonderful buyers helped to set that right. So if you got something from my Etsy store in June, you’re awesome and please pat yourself on the back.

Pottery Update

More interested in the pottery side of the equation? There’s something for you too…


It’s an imitation of something I saw on Pinterest: a wheel-thrown donut on top of a wheel-thrown base, with cut-outs and clay added in a few places for extra volume. Having this piece balance properly was tricky and it ended up with front and back sides. I’d like it to be more even so that it could be used as a centerpiece. I should have made the donut fatter too, to have more room for the dirt to go in. Still, not bad for a first try.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is a different orchid pot design that turned out unexpectedly well because of how much soda it got. Normally there isn’t quite so much variation in color and I love those blue drips. Because for a more bowed out shape than my past pots this one has a little extra volume.



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