Spring is over, summer is here with 90 degree weather in beautiful Chicago and once again I’m rethinking my pottery strategy.

Since I started in late winter, I sold about $300 worth of pottery and in May donated the money. Every pot had a specific organization or cause assigned to it, but somehow all the stuff that I sold in the spring happened to be assigned to EJI. This is awesome because EJI provides legal defense for children charged with crimes as adults and educates the public on issues pertaining to racial injustice such as lynchings. But the downside is that my random assignment obviously wasn’t resulting in even distribution of cash and other good organizations didn’t get any money.

The goal, still, is to give money to organizations that has some social justice mission or otherwise helps to provide better opportunities for people who wouldn’t otherwise have them. However, going forward I’ll fundraise for one organization per season and have my readers participate in picking the organizations.

For summer, the options I am considering are Greater Chicago Food Depository, MASK, or Donors Choose:

  • Greater Chicago Food Depository is always a good one because I’m based out of Chicago and Chicago has a huge number of people who don’t have access to healthy food, many of them children.
  • MASK sets up neighborhood activities and food on city blocks with a lot of violence. It’s not a certified organization, so there’s no way to see their budget or efficiency, but from following them on social media, they seem to be doing good things.
  • Donors Choose lets people crowd-fund classroom activities that a school can’t afford, which makes them a great organization to give to in early fall. If we decide on DonorsChoose, you can suggest projects to fund once the school year starts.

I’m open to other ideas, too. Please vote for one of the organizations that I’ve chosen or suggest your own in the comments.

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