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Yarn Bowls and the Long Lost Cup

They’ve been doing a ton of firings at the studio lately and I have a ton of new work to share. If i fit it all into one post, it would be a novel-length post. Nobody wants that. So let’s just cover a couple of things for today…

Yarn Bowls

A few weeks ago an acquaintance agreed to make a crocheted golf club cover for me in exchange for a yarn bowl. Having never made yarn bowls in the past, I made batch of 4. She claimed the first 2, but the other 2 just came out of the firing and are up on Etsy.

Based on advice of some crafty people int he studio, I made them with a wider, sturdier base than I might for a normal bowl. I tried to get a little creative with the threading cut-out b/c from what I could see on Pinterest, they’re all kind of the same shape.

If any of you dear readers crochet, please let me know what you think of these designs.

Long Lost Cup

This cup has story; true story. The day it came out of the kiln it disappeared off the shelf along with a few other items. Last week, about a month later, it re-appeared back on the glaze shelf.

Shows: 1 in, 1 to go

Having a stocked Etsy shop and a room full of pottery at home, I am trying something new to get my work “out there”: submitting cups to a couple of shows.

Nasty Women

The first show I’m doing is the Nasty Women Art Chicago where one of the nasty woman cups I made last
year was already accepted. This show is exciting for a couple of reasons:

  1. All work in the show is for sale and proceeds will go to Planned Parenthood
  2. It’s in Chicago and I will get a chance to go with a group of friends and support local artists AND PP.


Soda 2

The second show is Soda 2 in Kentucky. I submitted 2 cups, but haven’t heard whether they’re accepted yet. This one is exciting because it’d be my first juried show if I get in, which I think would be an interesting experience.

DSC_0103 DSC_0100

Update: I got into the 2nd show too. Thanks to Claudia McGill for your vote of confidence. 🙂