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A Few New Pots

This last batch, with the exception of 1 piece was all soda fired. The pieces are from 2 firings: one with medium reduction and a moderate amount of soda landing on my pieces and the last firing that went into HEAVY reduction and everything got hit with soda really hard. And then there’s the one cup that wasn’t in soda at all.

As with the pots in my last couple of posts, these are all up on Etsy.

Triangle Cup

The red turned out nice an mellow on most of the cup, but right by the foot it darkens and pools into a beautiful purple with a hint of blue.

Large Man Mug

This one is almost a little too big for me. But because of the wide top, you could eat soup or ice cream out of it. This is one of the cups that got blasted with soda and heavily reduced. It had the same red glaze as the cup above. Shows you the difference between soda vs. not.

Soda Cup

I had some kind of soda slip on the carved strip, but it got hit so hard that who even knows what slip it was… The colors came out pretty nice, though.

Tea Dust

This cup is one of the lightest ones I’ve made. and I love how the glaze turned out. It’s a slightly different shape than the rest and I’ve got a batch of this shape that I’m working on now.


This guy was inspired by the Shark Tank intro sequence. I used a dark green glaze but it got hit so hard that except for one spot the sharks are almost all gone. I do like it, though, for with all the color madness going on there at least the sharks are subtle. The glaze ran a LOT and had to be ground down about 1/4″ to reach the actual foot.


This is a yarn bowl that I’m trading for a delightful golf club head cover.  (So it’s not on Etsy.)

New Batch of Pots; Same Causes

Hi all,

I’ve been continuing with the water etching technique, but tried a few pots in regular firing. The regular fired ones are much shinier, smoother, and this set of mugs has a bit more volume (14-16 oz as compared to <10 oz). A couple of things still went through the soda firing just because. Have a look below and if you want one for yourself, they’re all here: Dasha Orlova Ceramics on Etsy

To make this a little more fun, I named the mugs based on their personality. Etsy makes them hard to find with sassy names, but here I do what I want. 🙂

Oh, also, all the handles are super comfortable.

Glowing Chocolate Mug

The glaze has a kind of warm glow when sunlight hits it that I really enjoy.

The “Opera House” Mug

This thing was put into soda and got blasted. It’s got kind of a luxurious frosted surface.

Leaved of Grass Mug

There’s a spot right below the handle where the glaze polled into a delicate greenish crackle.

Plants & Ladders Mug

The design on this one looks kind of like leaf cells and kind of like a bunch of ladders. The color turned out beyond my expectations: a bottle glass green with red highlights.

Casserole Dish

This is a double-etched design dish. I love how it looks and has some heft, so I expect it’ll do a good job of keeping the food warm. Imagine a homemade mac and cheese in that…


Desert Palms Mug

Last, but not least, this mug was inspired by a painting I saw at the art museum and am keeping it for my work coffee mug. It turned out exactly as I planned (surprisingly).