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Bake Sale – Soda Edition

This set of mugs and flower pot are decorated with slips, carved, and soda fired. There are 4 pictures of each because the sides are vastly different in color. The insides are all clear glaze, with a little white speckles where the soda hit them. All the handleas are quite comfortable in my opinion and should fit most people’s hands without issues.

All the proceeds from the sale go to charities: MSF (A.K.A. Doctors without Borders) and White Helmets (50-50 split). If you want to buy something, contact me. I will post these same items on Facebook and last time all the mugs were gone within 2 days, so …

Cappuccino Cup – $50 (sold)

This is not a high volume mug but can double as a snack or ice-cream bowl.

Wide Top Mug – $50 (sold)

It’s a pretty large mug.

Playful Princess Mug – $50 (sold)

This one is fairly small. Probably perfect for a child or a small adult-strength coffee.

The Slim Mug – $50

Can you handle a one-finger handle? The mug is medium size.

The Tall Mug – $50 (sold)

It’s actually not THAT tall; same height as The Slim Mug, but a bit wider, with a taller handle for more fingers.

The Apple Shape Mug – $50 (sold)

I think this will perfectly hold exactly one cup of coffee. Plus it’s cheerful as hell.

The Flower Pot – $150

Good size flower pot for  lots of indoor plants.