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Bake Sale

In light of recent events (the US election) lots of people are freaking out about everyone’s rights getting taken away. I hope that none of these fears will materialize and our new president will work out, but just in case… I am selling a large batch of pottery with all the money will go to the following 4 organizations:

  1. American Civil Liberties Union –
  2. Gay-Straight Alliances Network –
  3. Planned Parenthood –
  4. The Fortune Society –

If you want your money to go to specific organization(s), please just let me know which ones you prefer. Otherwise, I’ll split everything evenly.

To buy, leave a message on this post, message me on FB, Twitter, e-mail.

The photos aren’t perfect. I’m happy to take and send you more photos, just ask.


Ironic “mug” because it’s really a cup. The handle is not to be trusted, but wrapping your hands around the body is very comfortable. Perfect for hot chololate, hot toddy, or mulled wine. Features an inlay on the rim. $50


Snail mug: small size, perfect for people who don’t like to drink lots of tea/coffee all at once. Also, it’s cute. It wants to be a friend; it’s looking for a forever home. $50


SOLD!! Calssic soda fired mug with tripod feet. Turquoise on the inside, orange-gray transitions on the outside. Medium size, perfect for a morning coffee if you’re not a coffee fiend and don’t need a 20 oz vessel. $50


SOLD!! Tuxedo pattern mug. Soda-fired porcelain; gray-white transitions on the outside, clear on the inside. As smooth and shiny as it gets. Good size for a morning coffee or afternoon tea. $50


SOLD!! Wavy mug: raw porcelain with dark chocolate black interior. Good size for a morning coffee, with enough volume for gream AND sugar. $50


SOLD!! Fall-themed soda fired mug, featuring 2 layers of leaf patterns. $50


SOLD!! Delightfully smooth glazed carved porcelain mug. Very light blue-ish glaze. As smooth and shiny as it gets. $50



SOLD!! Carved porcelain vase with carevd design. The oval shape of the top is great for fanning out flowers without taking too much space. $100


Porceilain, soda fired bottle: amber and gray exterior. Good for a few flowers, wine, whiskey, etc. $100


Porcelain bird house with black stain and inlay. $100


SOLD!! Smooth but textured porcelain exterior, blue heather glazed interior. Perfect size for a hard cider, milk, juice, whatever. $50


Soda fired porcelain: white-gray exterior, cranberry red glazed interior. Perfect size for a conservative wine pour. $100


Silky smooth porcelain exterior, soft green glazed interior. Perfect size for cognac, port, or even wine if you’re not ready to commit to a serious serving. $100


SOLD!! Silky smooth porcelain exterior with design inlay, clear (very light blue) glazed interior. Perfect size for a generous wine pour or hard cider. $100


Silky smooth porcelain exterior, cranberry red glazed interior. Perfect size for a generous wine pour. $100