Monthly Archives: October 2016

Swirly Cups

I am still working on the cloud cups that I posted about a few weeks ago. There’s a large batch that’s waiting to get fired right now, but a few did get into firings recently and I feel like this design is really coming together. Have a look; let me know what you think.

Soda Fired Cups

These two were in the front of the kiln and got blasted with soda. The glaze that I used on the inside sometimes turns bright blue, but this time it went with a deep cranberry red.

Plain & Polished Cups

These two were not soda fired and a fellow potter at the studio talked me into sanding them with 400 and 1000 grit sand paper. Now they are silky smooth and sanding made the color a little more clear white.

Textured Cup

Last but not least, I had access to the dragon scale tool while finishing this cup and couldn’t help myself. I sanded it down slightly as well, but ran out of the 1000 grit paper.

New Mugs

The last soda firing brings us 4 new mugs.

Mug 1


This one is porcelain dipped in some kind of soda slip; Gusin Shino glaze on the inside. The s-crack was most likely caused by a poorly compressed floor, like one of the purple cups.

Mug 2

This one is also porcelain with 2 layers of slip wipe-away leaves. I don’t remember what slips they were. The inside is is amber celadon. No cracks here.

Mug 3

This one is obviously modified, nothing on the outside, Gustin Shino on the inside.

Mug 4

This is another variation on the cloud cups. Just porcelain with clear glaze on the inside.