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One thing I’ve been doing for a while is trying to copy pots from Piterest and other artists. Today’s post is about 2 imitations and a bonus pot.

Imitation 1

This set of cups and one more pot that isn’t fired yet is was my attempt to imitate Chris Gustin‘s tea cup shape. His cups all have the same sort of waist and go in slightly at the top. Gustin cups are typically golden and caramel tones, but for mine, I used blue celadon on the inside and a lavender on the outside. Lavender usually comes out indelicately purple, but I think the soda firing toned it down. On the lip, you can see how it ran into the blue celadon (so nice). Sadly, one of the cups has an s-crack. I guess it’s from being thrown off the hump and the floor being insufficiently compressed.

Imitation 2

This second one is an imitation of a Lorna Meaden teapot that we had in the studio. For some reason I was having a really hard time getting a lid that suited the shape and ended up turning it into a bird house instead. The black and white part of the design is is carved out with an xacto knife and colored in with black underglaze at bisque. This pot didn’t get hit hard with soda, so the design stayed crisp, otherwise it would have turned blue and runny. The yellow is a slip and the muddy-colored green is apple green.


This one is a combination of the 2 techniques I’ve enjoyed using recently: the warped curves + carved out bits. The porcelain got hit with something from a neighboring pot and turned golden and pink. I put clear on the inside and that’s it.


I always forget this word… but it’s a sewing technique… anyway, I’ve been using it to modify pots and in some cases adding little claws. This is one of 2 small vases I made, and glazed “Apple green” which turned this mud green:


And here’s the second one with the claws:

The other thing I tried is a mug with an incomplete handle. As is turns out several of my previous mugs’ handles are too small for men’s fingers. I wanted this one to be large enough for a guy to hold comfortably, and overdid it: the handle gap is too big and most people’s hands slip out. Then again, it’s pleasant enough to hold with both hands, fingers pointing to wards the “handle” and the lip is a very comfortable shape. I tried a slip inlay in the lip, but it got hit pretty hard with soda and ran a little bit.

Last, but not least, a vase with the line and floral design that I’ve been using on my orchid pots. I carved the design with an exacto knife and filled it in with black underglaze at bisque. This, too, got blasted with soda and ran, but i think it looks nice. 

Darts! That’s the word. Darts. I’m using darting to alter my pots.