Monthly Archives: July 2016


This post is just going to be a ton of images of this new shape I’m playing with. The biggest thing learned here was that I used 2 glazes and either sprayed them on the pots or painted them on and wiped away. And I like the spray better. No other lessons, just pots, pots, pots. I think the amount of variety with these showcases the versatility of soda firing, which I now love. Well, maybe this one lesson: to make a carelessly loose line that looks good on a pot, you have to practice for a while.

Sprayed Randy’s Green

Painted & Wiped Randy’s Green

Painted & Wiped Tom’s Purple

Sprayed Tom’s Purple


I made this dog treat jar, taking inspiration from Bill Willkie’s squared shapes. Also soda fired. ┬áThis one was soda clay, the above are all porcelain.