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Carved Vases – Porcelain in Soda

Both of these are porcelain vases, carved, and they have some orange slip on them, but you can’t really see it except in a few places. The more oval vase has Temmoku glaze on the inside and the round one has Porcelain Celadon.

The blue on the round one has a gorgeous glow to it in sunlight and both of them have a fabulous gray leopard print type of pattern. When I started soda, people were saying that you don’t want to use porcelain because it doesn’t do anything in soda. I beg to differ and intend to make a lot more soda-fired porcelain pots!

Feu de Foret

Today’s project involved imitating this teapot (on the right) from Dan Greenfield that I found on Pinterest.

I liked the shape and colors, the lid design, and the color palette looks like a great match for soda, even if that’s not how he did his.

The handle wasn’t my favorite. I think it’s a little bit too bulky for my taste.

For my imitation, I did 2 variations of the spout, handle, and foot. I also tried that dripping look on one of the pots, but it turned out to be rather difficult to do, so on the second one I just dipped it in slip. I used Feu de Foret slip; based on how I’ve seen it on other people’s pots it had a good chance of creating the colors.

Teapot #1

I like the slip here, but my spout looks kind of oversized compared to the original. The handle is still TBD.

Teapot #2

I like this one better. The spout is still a little too big, but it seems more balanced. The other thing I like a lit is how the clip went nuts with the gray and yellow crystals.

Bonus – little box

The whole point of this box was to use up the rest of my soda clay and to test a crackle slip. The clay was used up, but the slip didn’t crackle whatsoever. Now I have a small planter or an extra ash tray. The white and red transitions do look nice…


Orchid Pots – Soda

I started making orchid pots again, trying new things. There are some technical issues and I’m just trying new designs. Check it out.

This is the closest to my old design. It’s porcelain with  blue slip on the inside. By the time I got to applying slip and carving, the clay was too dry. I am pretty sure that’s what caused the lip to split like it did. The pot also warped badly in the glaze firing ( it was quite round at loading time, believe it or not). My teacher said that the warping might have been because of how the pot was supported in the firing.

This guy was also porcelain. I didn’t put any slip on the inside, just glaze, and for some reason it warped too. This was me trying out a new design. I think it looks like a waste basket; not worth the work of carving it all.

This is a small, simple bowl. It turned out fine, but a little plain. I don’t think I put any glaze or slip on it.

New shape, new carving design. The stripes next to the carving had slip on them, but it didn’t show up whatsoever. I don’t remember what’s on the inside, but the outside is raw B clay. It warped slightly, but I think the curvature must have held it together.

This pot is probably my favorite. It had stripes in 4 different shades of blue and green slips. As you can tell, the slips came out in all rainbow colors. The pot warped even though I put better support under the walls. But I love it just the same.


Bottles & a Tiny Bowl – Soda

As promised, here’s more soda fired stuff. Today’s stuff: bottles and a tiny bowl.

Same drill as last time: I will post a couple of photos of the piece and explain what I did to it, if anything.

This bottle had 3 newspaper strips stuck on it at leather hard and dipped in slip (I think was Fake Avery). No glaze on the outside. The strips got filled in with glaze.

This little guy got a slip brushed on. I don’t remember what slip it was. (I thought it was a green, but it clearly didn’t come out green.)

The sides of this one were dipped into Rutile and Fake Avery slips. I can’t tell what’s what because the perry white color and the yellow are the same slip. they must have got hit by soda differently… because they look like completely different substances.

This last once was dipped into (I think) Rutile slip. I love all the color variations.

Finally, the tiny bowl! It’s raw B clay on the outside and a design masked off by newspaper strips on the inside. The pink color comes from a high fire pink slip. I added a black underglaze wash after bisque to tone down the pink. Clear glaze on the inside.

Still more to come.




Those Mugs – Soda

I disappeared again for a few weeks. But this weekend I took an extra day off from  work and one of the first things I did was to photograph and organize my pots. There are lots of pots and lots of photos, so I am breaking them up into a few posts, but hey, at least they’re going up, am I right?

Let’s start with those mugs from last session… I’ll post a few angles of each cup and tell you what I was “testing.” The way the soda hits clay in the firing can make it look like  completely different pots, depending on what side you’re looking at. Hence multiple photos per pot.

This is a tumbler covered with thick iron oxide wash. The inside was just clear glaze, which possibly ran on one side to create that blonde spot.

This is a modified mug. If you look closely, the handle side is more indented and differently indented than the other side. The concept is, I guess, to have a sassier looking cup. The inside was apple green glaze and the outside is just B clay that got hit with soda pretty hard, particularly on the side with the green/gray drips.

This one was dipped in yellow slip, then I painted on and dripped wax resist where the yellow is and wiped away the rest. Finally, before the first firing I made a few scrape marks with a serrated rib down the sides. After the first firing, I did a black underglaze wash to accentuate the scrape marks. The inside was plain clear glaze. Again, this is B clay.

This one is a sculpted tumbler. I threw a plain cylinder, a little bit on the thick side, and carved the design into it, adding a little bit of clay in a few spots on the bottom, but mostly just carving away. The inside is Lau Shino and the outside is just raw B clay.

This one’s a cappuccino cup. It’s raw B clay with a Tom’s Purple stripe. The inside is Rutile Blue which didn’t photograph well. I really don’t like this stripe…

Last but not least, another carved mug. I just carved in lines and smoothed them with a sponge. The outside is raw B clay and the inside is Tea Dust.

And that’s all, folks! That’s all for now.