Monthly Archives: February 2016

Bad Idea

While writing my last post I was thinking back to what the heck I did for 3 months at PWC and why I have so little stuff to show for 3 months in the studio. Well… here’s one reason: the cozy mug.

The Cozy Mug is a double-walled mug that you can stick your hands into and the contents of the mug are supposed to keep you warm. Sounds cool and a friend asked me to make one for her. I tried. I went through several versions, but none of them worked.

First I tried to throw the cup upside down:

By the time I trimmed this variation and tried to make a lip, it came out very puffy, inelegant, and not functional. I made a whole bunch (all ugly and not functional); here’s an example of one of the better versions:

Eventually, I gave up on throwing upside down and decided to throw a donut shape, but let it have a lip at the top like so:


Imagine half of the puffy part of the pot cut away; that’s the front of the mug, and you’d fit your hands into the back of the puffy part. Does that make sense?

In both cases the form ended up being bulky, unwieldy to trim, with not enough room to comfortably fit a hand after firing. Plus, with a closed-in area like that, it’s a great place for mold to grow and that’s nasty.

So after like 4 weeks I give up. I’m sorry that my friend isn’t getting the mug that she wanted, but winter is almost over anyway.

New Stuff from PWC

So this is kind of awkward… I started at a new studio 3 months ago and stopped posting on my blog. It’s not like there wasn’t stuff to write about, it just didn’t get written. For the Nth time, I’ve dropped the blogging ball and am trying to pick it back up. So it goes, I guess.

After such a long break, let’s just start with something easy – the new stuff.

I did a set of wall pieces for my mom (no pics of that yet) and a bunch of hand-built pieces, mostly imitations of things I found on┬áPinterest. Let’s have a look at the hand-built stuff:

P.S. Now I remember why I haven’t posted in a while… taking, re-taking, and cropping photos so that the colors, shapes, and scale look right takes so long!