Monthly Archives: October 2015


The Easy store is up and launched. You can find it here:

There are many details that could probably be done better, but thinking about them is overwhelming and they’re not getting refined right now. That’s an executive decision.

I would appreciate it if you go check it out and give me some feedback on the listings, photos, or any other aspects of the store that are important to you as a shopper. And if you want to buy something, obviously, that’s all there too.

In Other News

Next weekend I will be giving an art talk as part of Chicago Artist Month. I don’t quite know what i’m going to say yet, but hopefully it’s going to be fun. More info on my talk and the event here:…/galaudet-gallery-…/  


As you may know, I quit my last studio over a month ago. I wasn’t sure how long I would be able to stay away from ceramics and the answer is “not that long.” So I signed up for a class at another studio, Park West Ceramics, starting in November. After focusing on teaching for a year, it’s going to be great to get back to improving my own skills and style.

One of the things that’s different about PWC is that they use different clay. For the past year I have been working with earthenware, but PWC uses white and brown mid-fire clay. I am look forward to have more options and to adjust my aesthetic to the new materials.

I have recently grown to appreciate brown clay more for how natural and earthy it looks. To play off of that and inspired by a jar with a wooden handle by Juliet Macleod, I collected some driftwood this weekend and will try to incorporate it into my pottery as handles or accents. So check out my driftwood and let me know if you’ve incorporated wood into ceramic pieces before and have any advice.

P.S. If you’re a regular here and very observant, you may have noticed that I have a new gray background. I like it, but would welcome any feedback you have regarding photo backgrounds. I am always torn about whether white/black/gray is the best.

P.P.S. The Etsy store is coming next week. Seriously, for real.