Monthly Archives: August 2015

Interesting Glaze Behaviors

I had a couple of curious things happen with glaze recently that may be of interest…

The first is a combination that makes pots split. They fire fine, come out of the kiln, and within about 48 hours they just split! I had seen this before when the pot is glazed partially with an opaque and partially with a translucent glaze, but the effect has always been inconsistent. However this time I glazed 2 pots with the same glaze combo and they both split: burnished steel and tearose. In both cases tearose on the inside:

The second is a happier effect. I put on a coat of Stormy Blue on a large flower pot and then the next day decided that I don’t want it to be stormy blue. Being a stingy individual, though, I didn’t want to wash off the full coat and just put on a coat of Peacock on top, to tone it down. And here’s what happened:

Serving Tray Rampage

Last weekend I had some time in the studio and went on a little serving tray rampage. It started with me bringing caper berries to pottery class and then remembering a cool pin I saw on Pinterest, and went on from there.

Here are the trays:

pea pod trayThis one was inspired by this Ceramic Arts Daily video wigh Gail Kendall:  

pea pod tray This one was the next logical step; instead of a single faux foot, I will add a bunch of faux feet. And then I thought it’d be fun to accentuate where the feet are. I may place marbles into the indented areas of the tray when it’s not used for food.

IMG_3269[1]Here they are upside down, for comparison. You can see how the feet are made the same way out of coils. After making the second one (the one with many feet), I realized that it would be much easier to make it by joining tiny dishes rather than from a single slab like I did. So perhaps next time I will try that.

box of cups trayThis one was the closest to a straight-up copy from PInterest, except i’m pretty sure their cups are slab-built, whereas mine are thrown. Here’s the original, for reference:

Do you have a favorite serving tray idea? Let me know, maybe I’ll try to copy that too.

Bird Feeder Obsession

Lately i’ve been busy. You might have guessed as much from me not posting anything here. I’ve been teaching 3 pottery classes a week and doing a bunch of other studio work. No matter how busy, though, I always make time to make some pottery. Even if it takes a few weeks to finish a piece.

One of the things i’ve been fascinated by in the last month is bird feeders. I browse them obsessively on Pinterest and managed to make a few.

They’re not fired yet, but I think you will get the idea.  The first two are wheel-thrown vessels with cut-outs and built-up roofs made from small tiles and leaves. The third is all slab-built.

leaf tiled roof bird feedersquare tiled roof bird feederslab house bird feeder

P.S. One thing I’m finding when I use Pinterest for inspiration, is I tend to try copying someone’s work, but I forget the original piece by the time I get to making my “copy” and it turns into a whole other idea. On occasion others in the studio get ideas from my mutated copies and come up with completely new, totally different pieces. How’s that for evolution?