Monthly Archives: June 2015

Stamps and Slabs

I was traveling for work all week, so once I got to the studio on Saturday, it was play time! (After teaching a make-up class and recycling some clay, of course.)


I made all these stamps a couple of weeks ago and today was the day to try them out…
stamps batch 1

My first idea with these was to make cups and use the stamps to decorate.
stamped cups 2 stamped cups 1
Overall I don’t care for this look and I’m only keeping the 2nd cup. I will make smaller stamps and try them on cups again.


Then I used the same stamps on slab pots, which I think was way more successful. pineapple boxsponge dishIMG_3040

This last piece didn’t get joined properly, so it’s falling apart, but I will make it again.

More New Stuff

In addition to all the stuff that I had for the fair last week, there were also several other pieces that I didn’t have time to post. But now I do. Check them out…

Glaze Tiles

I don’t have a lot of natural warm tone glazes and got these 3 to try out.

Blues and Greens

These 3 aren’t part of any series, just more practice in modifying and decorating wheel-thrown pots.

Matte Black & White

I used a matte clear on the pebble vases. It makes them more pleasant to touch and helps show off the brushed decoration.