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It took several months to make and glaze all this stuff and it’s finally coming together. Today’s post is about all the treasures I have in store for Do Division, the street fair that’s happening this weekend. Check them out….

Soap Dishes

Salt/Pepper Shakers


These are just the new ones, there was a whole batch of white ones earlier.


One of my students wants to do scrafito for her project this month and I can’t remember if ever done it before, so this past Sunday I did a little scrafito test plate. It’s a very little slab plate with a foot that I made on the wheel. Have a look…

Here’s the plate, front and back, next to the leaves that I was going to decorate it with. I used tracing paper and cut 3 leaves out so as to be able to pick the arrangement on the fly.IMG_2901 IMG_2900

It got 2 full coats of underglaze: 1 chartreuse and 1 chartreuse + blue. Then I brushed on some watered down red to warm up the color just a bit. One key point here is to let each coat dry completely. Otherwise you brush off the previous coat while applying the latest one. IMG_2902 IMG_2903 IMG_2904

Then I arranged the leaves in a few ways, sketched them on with a wooden tool, and started carving away the underglaze. You can see the brighter chartreuse peeking through. I like that effect!
IMG_2905 IMG_2906

Here’s the finished decoration, front and back:              IMG_2907 IMG_2908


If you recall, a couple of weeks ago I was working on whiskey bottles for a show. Sadly they didn’t get glaze-fired in time to get into the show. Happily, though, they both came out of the firing looking great.

Bottle # 1 

The bottle came out exactly as I wanted. I do wish I had put one more coat of glaze on, but even with the relatively thin glaze, I like it. the design you see on there was penciled in and then meticulously colored in with a small brush. Glazing the set took me about 3 hours.

Glazes used: Mayco Burnished Steel and Duncan Clear+Mayco Copper Adventurine mix.Whiskey Bottle 1 Photo May 07, 7 47 14 AM

Bottle #2 

I used a giffin grip to glaze this bottle. As you can see, there is a nice clean edge between the green and black, and it’s easiest to accomplish this kind of thing with a giffin grip.

Glazes used: Mayco Tidal Pool and Duncan Outer Space

Whiskey Bottle 2Whiskey Bottle 2

Glaze Shopping

I bought a new batch of glazes and got a chance to use my fancy-pants glaze test tiles from a few months ago. A couple of the glazes you see below are ones I already had from before, but mixed in a new way. One of the things that I wish I could convey in these photos is how fun they are to pick up and inspect closely. In real life the tiles are just under 3″x2″ each with 2 coats of glaze.