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It seems that quite a few people liked my Seattle post form earlier in the week. Well, friends, you’re in luck for I am still out of town! This week I am in Tampa for work. The only sight-seeing that I’m doing is the reluctant, on the way to dinner kind, but I am staying down town and can share some pictures.

So, first things first: if you find yourself headed to Tampa, you may be tempted to stay by the airport. Don’t do it. At least I like down town better. There are 3 museums, University of Tampa, and a very cool river walkway. The walkway wasn’t finished last time I was here a month ago and they have made great progress on it since.

Please let me know in the comments if the travel stuff is of interest and what, if any, other aspects of Tampa you would like me to report on next time I’m here.

More Travel

This week brings more Travel and less pottery. So I don’t have much to share as far as pottery goes.

However, I just got back form a mini vacation in Seattle. One of the days there I went hiking and took a few photos of the forest and mountains. I think they’ll be a nice color reference to inform my glazing choices, a happy coincidence since I just bought 4 different new shades of green glaze.

Trying Something New

After a long day in the studio last week, I lay in bed trying to go to sleep, and pottery ideas were floating past my eyelids. I can’t remember most of them now, except one:


The key to this look is to distort the central section of a pot when it’s still wet, and then even out the lip so that it can be trimmed normally. At first the sections need to be roughly defined using a rib or a thin stick. Then the puffy areas need to be pushed out. This is the key, really, because pushing those puffy parts out is only possible when the pot is freshly thrown. Once that’s done, it’s time to sit and wait. Then, once the pot is leather hard, the sections can be cleaned up.

I like how the cup turned out, and made something bigger and fancier: a cookie jar. Because the lip is straightened after initial modification, you can make a lid that fits perfectly well, just like a regular lid.

Day 1: the sections are roughly defined and the pot is left to set.

IMG_2755 IMG_2756

Day 2: the pot is leather hard now and the sections can be cleaned up. I carved out the concave bits a little bit for an extra dramatic effect. Then I sponged the whole thing down to cover up all the marks from the modification.

Photo Apr 20, 8 36 46 PM Photo Apr 20, 8 37 43 PM

Finally, I wanted to try a decorating technique that I’ve seen on Pinterest (original inspiration here).

Photo Apr 20, 9 45 56 PM 

I started by shading in these 3-leaf things with blue and turquoise and finished by carving the border for a little contrast. Oh and did the lid the same way:

Photo Apr 20, 10 04 06 PM

More Art Fair Prep

With the whiskey bottle show and street fairs coming up, I’ve got a lot of pieces in the works right now, to the point were it’s overwhelming. It feels like as soon as I’ve cleaned up my shelf and got most things glazed, there’s it is, filled all over again. For example, this batch of things just came out of the bisque firing today:

IMG_2748Those are my whiskey bottles with cups, soap dishes for the art fairs, and a carved dish i’m making for my mom. I better go back and glaze more stuff tonight!

I can’t remember now if I took pics of these guys before, but there are more adorable salt/pepper shakers on the way. Here we have 2 puffer fish, a rooster, and a chubby shark:

IMG_2754Aaaand… there are more carved line vases. I’m deviating from the original design by carving all the way around the vase, using more colors, and not just lines, but also circles:

IMG_2753   IMG_2750

IMG_2749      IMG_2752

Another Art Fair Set

Art fair prep is full steam ahead. Salt and pepper shakers are getting fired and glazed and you’ll get an update soon. I’ve got another set, though, that I plan to sell. It’s these vases… I make them on the wheel and then carve flowy lines into them. For the ones where the lines are colored in, I wax resisted the vase, painted carved, and filled the carving with underglaze.

Let me know what you think.

Photo Apr 16, 7 46 11 AM  Photo Apr 16, 7 46 00 AM

Photo Apr 16, 7 45 47 AM   Photo Apr 16, 7 45 31 AM

Fancy Candy Dishes Are Done!

The pots for my art swap are completed. If you don’t know what the heck i’m talking about, I posted about them before here and here. I made the pots with the general surface decorations and the girl for whom the pots are made painted the characters on them. She’s a very talented artist and the pots came out very well (in my not-so-humble opinion). Have a look…

Practice pot – the first one I made to give her a general idea of what I was thinking and gave it to her to practice painting with underglaze:

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The Orange Pot – the real deal! one of the two that I made for her and her husband:

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The Green Pot – the real deal too:

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First Art Show (!)

My work may make it into a real art show!

There’s going to be a show of hand-crafted whiskey bottles that my teacher is a part of and she offered to include a few people in the class. I’m in! My 2 sets of bottles with cups are thrown, trimmed, and ready to be fired:

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