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The Donut – cont’d

Today I was making up pottery class form Thursday, which worked out really well because the donut took 3.5 hours to decorate. I fully expect it to look cool when it’s glazed. I’m so confident that it will look cool that I’ll let whoever reads this pick the color for me:

Photo May 24, 2 21 07 PM Photo May 24, 2 21 15 PM Photo May 24, 2 21 20 PM Photo May 24, 2 31 22 PM

Second Pottery Class

It took most of class to trim the 3 pieces from last week. I had a hard time betting these guys centered on the bat, possibly because I cut them off before the rim hardened last week. They did turn out pretty well, though. After trimming I went over the bottoms with a wet sponge so that the texture difference isn’t too drastic between the thrown and trimmed parts.


It took me an hour and a half to trim my 3 buckets!
Talk about not like riding a bicycle…

The “project” for this class is double-walled bowls. They are good for lots of decorative purposes, are more stable than regular bowls, which makes them a good candidate for dog bowls, and are fun to make. In the next lesson we’ll learn how to carve that outer wall. Here is mine:

Photo May 08, 9 22 55 PM

This may be a tiny dog bowl or a dip owl or some such thing with questionable utilitarian value.

If you’re thinking, “what the… why?!” here’s a good video explaining how and why this works:



Here’s how that double walled bowl turned out:

Photo May 15, 9 12 49 PM

Looks like a donut. All it needs is some glaze and sprinkles. I’m kinda not impressed.

I made a few more to try to get them taller and thinner. The first two didn’t turn out at all. I sliced the second one to see how my wall thickness is:

Photo May 15, 7 57 36 PM

Double-walled bowl, sliced in half. You can see where the outer walls buckled, but the thickness is good.


Can’t wait until next Thursday

Here I am, back to report on my 1st pottery class in 5 years.

I still remember how to use a pottery wheel! Apparently it’s like riding a bicycle in that respect. This studio uses a different type of clay than what I’m used to (low fire rather than stoneware and porcelain). It’s a lot more pliable than I remember.

It turns out that I’m pretty good at making buckets of various sizes. Here are today’s buckets:



I obviously should have put something there for scale, but they will shrink anyway when they dry. If anyone is in need of a ceramic bucket, let me know and I’ll save one for you. Just let me know your size and glaze preferences.