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As promised, here are lots more pics of old pottery. I have to say, I’m pretty proud of some of these. And to think I’d forgotten all about having made them…


Thin porcelain ice cream bowls
These were very thin bowls, stripes in black slip, with marbles elated onto the bottom.

Image Image
Image Image
Image Image
Image Image

Cidre cups
Porcelain, covered with black slip, little dents carved out, multi-colored glaze dripped into the carved dents. Inside of the cups are glazed with clear glaze.


Wax resist design cup
One of my earlier pieces. Design was painted on with wax resist and then the cup was glazed.


Tea set
I made this set for a friend who requested sakura-themed tea set. I had to make twice as many cups to get this many that look consistent.


Bunny Ashtray
Black glaze with wax resist pattern and an unglazed bunny. The idea was that this is an ash tray for one. You lean the cigarette between the bunny ears.


Tiny bunnies for a wind chime
They were intended to be pieces of a wind chime, but I never finished the whole thing. These guys are porcelain with designs in blue glaze.


Tiny bunnies
I was on a roll with these bunnies. These 3 weren’t even intended for anything…


Spiked red vase
This was my first piece with spikes.


Splotchy vase
I have to say, this is one of my most favorite things. It was pretty tall and so thin that the porcelain is translucent in some places. A large part of the surface is decorated with wax resist design. You can see the texture in the blue part.


Tea pot
I made a ton of teapots and they were not all very successful. This is one of the less successful ones. Its lid stuck to the body


Spiked tea pot
I made this one for a friend. It’s 100% functional but very sharp.

Image Image
Fish tank decoration
I forgot how I made this, but I think it was intended for my fish tank. The little fish could go in and out of the holes.

Sake set with 2 bottles
Unfortunately most of this set didn’t survive being shipped to Cali.


Decorative vase
The top, bottom and center donut are wheel-thrown. The center was carved separately and later attached.


Tuna fish
This one was made for a family friend who loves to fish.


the whole thing was painted in colored slip and designs were painted on with wax resist. The colored slip was then washed away.


Little sculpture vase
This piece was part of my series of donut-shaped pieces.

Late April Resolution

The desire to get back into it has been nagging at me for about a year and I finally did it. After a 5 year break I finally signed up for a pottery class. I’ll be posting my progress on here and to get started here are some pieces that I made before.


Owl candle/incense holder
Wheel thrown and carved. I built this one a log time ago, so I don’t recall the glazes now.


Salad bowl with an owl.
Wheel-thrown with the owl design painted on in wax resist before glaze was applied.


Decorative eggplant-shaped vase
Wheel-thrown body, carved, with added pieces. Vines decorated with iron oxide.


I used wet paper towel cutouts on the vase, painted colored slip on, then removed the paper towel designs. Clear glaze.


Flower Pot
Owl painted on with wax resist on bone-dry clay. Clay washed away around the wax resist. The glaze didn’t turn out so hot…

There are all the pictures I’ve been able to find so far. I’ll have to dig through my external drive to find more… I’ll have to post more old pottery later.